Alternatively, if she's expecting a proposal sometime in the near future, go to a jewelry store with her and find out what she likes. You can then shop around on your own time and save some cash. I did this with my now-fiancè and ended up getting a 12-diamond channel band for her, saved me probably $1200 over a… » 2/25/15 12:56pm Wednesday 12:56pm

Hey, it's someone else who actually uses an X-Frame! I have one too, that overpriced piece of junk. It only ever works when I'm so dead tired that I collapse into my sleeping bag and fall asleep, flat on my back, within 30 seconds. Otherwise it's too uncomfortable. » 2/19/15 7:37pm 2/19/15 7:37pm

Another reason for the increase in shots is that the perceived increase in sloppiness leads to different strategies. Teams are more willing to shoot when they have a chance (rather than wait for a higher-quality scoring opportunity) and hope for a good bounce/goalie has the sun in their eyes etc (plenty of coaches… » 2/19/15 1:27pm 2/19/15 1:27pm

I think the difference here isn't that people are saying that it's illegal (it's not, nor was Charlie Hebdo) but that it's offensive (which Charlie Hebdo was also). In that vein, the two are similar: backlash against a legal (under free speech laws) but offensive slogan/graphic. The difference lies in how people are… » 1/23/15 11:51am 1/23/15 11:51am

In some states, government incentives can make leasing a ridiculously practical option. Exhibit a: four families in my church (out of maybe 50) have leases on Leafs (Leaves?) as second vehicles. In Washington state, after government incentives, they're paying around $200.00 per month for the lease, which makes it an… » 7/15/14 7:21pm 7/15/14 7:21pm

Took me about a week to get good at it. It was the only car available to me.
Also, once you get comfortable with it, learning to heel-toe on downshifts (or just use the sides of your foot if you have big feet like I do) is fairly simple; I do it without even thinking about it now. » 2/22/14 8:53pm 2/22/14 8:53pm